Caboose Train
Sep 1, 2018 at 11:00 AM
Nelsonville Depot
Nelsonville, OH

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Ever wanted to ride a real caboose? Now's your chance! See what it was like riding the rails inside a caboose in our annual all-caboose train.
Train Ride
Caboose Train | 11:00 AM
See what it was like to ride the rails in a caboose aboard our annual all-caboose train! Every so often, the collection of privately-owned cabooses in Nelsonville are opened up to the public and assembled into a special all-caboose train. During the ride, several photo run-bys will take place. The trip will last approximately three hours and operates the full length of the line to East Logan and return. It is the same route to and from East Logan; the train simply reverses direction by moving the locomotive to the other end of the train. A great event for the railfan in your life! Seating is incredibly limited so reserve your tickets as soon as possible! more >>>
Caboose Train